About Me

Welcome to “Mentoring Students”

My rewarding experience volunteering as a mentor to college students inspired me to create this blog as a forum where I could extend further support.

Entering and navigating through the workplace is an exciting and scary adventure, which for most of us continues for 40+ years. During this time, new beginnings happen over and over again through job moves, promotions, career changes and relocation.

My plan is to develop this blog into a toolkit where visitors can pick and choose the tools they find relevant and useful: recommended reading and resources; tips on resume writing, interviewing and business communication; frequently asked questions (FAQs); and stories of frustration and success.

So peek around, glean the information that makes sense for your situation and, most importantly, stay positive and keep a sense of humor 🙂

As I work to enhance this blog, your comments, suggestions and questions are most welcome! If you are interested in my resume writing services, please complete the contact form below. My resumes open doors, or so I’ve been told.

Blogging U.


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